So some have been asking on our results we went in to see about on Monday. They were from the bloodwork that was run to look into genetic issues, blood clotting issues, or any other reason we could be miscarrying. I’m torn on what we were told but mostly happy with it.

Our doctor told us that everything, every single test, came back normal. I was excited to hear this because, honestly, after how badly everything thus far had gone I was expecting the worst outcome. This is exciting because we won’t have to spend a lot more time on figuring it out or a whole lot more money on different solutions such as blood thinner shots or IVF. All we have to do now is more forward and start trying again.

The part that is hard for me about this finding is that there’s no reason. There no reason that our first two babies were lost. And if there’s no reason then there’s no way for us to prevent it from occurring again, there’s no fix.

He said we were just “really unlucky”. I’d say that’s an understatement. Around 9% of people have 2 miscarriages in a row. The chances of 3 in a row are even smaller but I know people that it has happened to. 30% of all people have miscarriages. The doctor said now with our two in a row that for some reason our odds of miscarrying again now for some reason go up to 40%. It scares me to death to think that this could be our fate in the future as well.

Though it’s hard not to worry and let the anxiety of it all consume me, I’m trying to think only of the positive and the best thoughts for this future pregnancy. I know that it’ll be a rough road ahead with a lot of worrying on my end but I know that I still want to have our family and that once I get to have our sweet baby in the future all of this will have been worth it in the end.

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