Quick & Easy Salad!

Here’s another quick little recipe that I DIE over every time I make it! Super simple & makes a good amount of leftovers πŸ˜‹ Here’s what you’ll need..

Utensils —

β€’ 1 large bowl

β€’ 1 small bowl

β€’ cutting board

β€’ knife

β€’something to stir with (spoon, spatula)

For the dressing — 

β€’ 3 Tbsp. red wine vinegar

β€’ 2 Tbsp. olive oil

β€’ 2 tsp. dried oregano

β€’ 1/4 tsp. salt

For the salad —

β€’ 4 ripe Roma tomatoes 

β€’ 1 large cucumber

β€’ 1 small red onion

β€’ 1 large red bell pepper

β€’ (& my fav part…) 1 15 oz. can of garbanzo beans, rinsed 

^^ they’re found in the canned bean isle at the grocery store & aka chick peas!

First start by mixing all dressing ingredients together in the small bowl and set it aside till the end.

Then basically all you do now is dice up all of the vegetable salad ingredients! Make sure to get all of the excess juices off of the tomatoes when you dice them or it’ll just be too runny. Combine them all in the large bowl & add in garbanzo beans 

Now stir and add in the mixed dressing! It’s that easy πŸ˜„

It’d be a lot quicker for me if I wasn’t so slowwwwww at chopping veggies πŸ˜‚ So if you have that down, this recipe will be even quicker for you! You can refrigerate it to let the dressing set in even more or just eat it right away (which I did last night). I always have tons of leftovers from it so the longer it stays in the fridge the more flavorful the leftovers become! Hope y’all enjoy! πŸ’•



So some have been asking on our results we went in to see about on Monday. They were from the bloodwork that was run to look into genetic issues, blood clotting issues, or any other reason we could be miscarrying. I’m torn on what we were told but mostly happy with it.

Our doctor told us that everything, every single test, came back normal. I was excited to hear this because, honestly, after how badly everything thus far had gone I was expecting the worst outcome. This is exciting because we won’t have to spend a lot more time on figuring it out or a whole lot more money on different solutions such as blood thinner shots or IVF. All we have to do now is more forward and start trying again.

The part that is hard for me about this finding is that there’s no reason. There no reason that our first two babies were lost. And if there’s no reason then there’s no way for us to prevent it from occurring again, there’s no fix.

He said we were just “really unlucky”. I’d say that’s an understatement. Around 9% of people have 2 miscarriages in a row. The chances of 3 in a row are even smaller but I know people that it has happened to. 30% of all people have miscarriages. The doctor said now with our two in a row that for some reason our odds of miscarrying again now for some reason go up to 40%. It scares me to death to think that this could be our fate in the future as well.

Though it’s hard not to worry and let the anxiety of it all consume me, I’m trying to think only of the positive and the best thoughts for this future pregnancy. I know that it’ll be a rough road ahead with a lot of worrying on my end but I know that I still want to have our family and that once I get to have our sweet baby in the future all of this will have been worth it in the end.


Where We Are Now…

The holidays have been super hard on us, or maybe mostly me. I think they’ve been a good distraction for Clayton. After all, how could the holidays NOT be hard?? We should have been able to announce our second pregnancy on Thanksgiving. We should have had our first baby as a late Christmas present/New Years baby depending on the accuracy of the due date (December 30th — 2 days ago). That baby should have been in our arms by now.
Instead, here we are. Back at square one. Still trying to expand our family. Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing everyone’s baby announcements pour in by the handfuls from Thanksgiving through Christmas (which apparently is prime baby announcement time which also happens to fall at the worst possible time for us to be seeing all of those pop up). Trying to be happy for those through our pain is something that’s extremely hard to do and easier said than done… 

On November 30th we had our first appointment with the Reproduction Endocrinology & Infertility Specialist. He said that there were 3 things that he thinks the problem could be.

1. Uterus Shape

2. Hormones (in my case most likely a blood clotting issue)

3. Genetics

We were only able to look into the first while we were there that day. We did an ultrasound to look at my uterus to see if things were normal there, and they were. So while that may seem good, it didn’t help us find our problem. It also would have been the easiest, quickest, and cheapest fix of the 3…

The hormone one he said would be a problem with my blood clotting. He said the moms veins run to the baby and intertwine with the babies and are basically their lifeline. Some women have a problem where their blood clots in those connecting veins so it cuts off everything that should be passing to baby. He said if that’s the case then they would just have to put me on blood thinners while I was pregnant. 

If the issue is with Clayton or I genetics wise, he said that would mean that when our chromosomes split to create a baby, ours are just splitting unevenly every time. Some people have this happen once, which can lead to a Down Syndrome baby or any of the other chromosome abnormalities. But most people don’t have it happen every single time their chromosomes split. If we had that issue, they would have to go in and take our eggs/sperm, make them split normally, fertilize the egg, and then reinsert them. So basically IVF with a little extra editing before hand. Or at least that’s the gist of what I got from all of that complicated conversation. 

All I know is IVF is extremely expensive and can sometimes take awhile. The last thing I want is to delay starting my family more so I fear for if that’s the case. It also wouldn’t be ideal to have to go into debt to start a family since we’ve been so smart with money thus far.

We are now pretty much 50/50 between it being the genetic issue and the blood clotting issue. He said its most likely one of those two but, if everything comes back normal after running all the tests, then it could have just been really, really….really bad luck having the two miscarriages back to back and nothing might even be wrong at all. We are doing the testing for piece of mind and to try to get to the bottom of it.

We left without doing the blood work to run the tests that will look into both possibilities because they had to check on insurance first. So I was scheduled to come back in the 14th of December for the blood draw. The ended up taking around 20 tubes of blood (why they need that much, I have no clue, but it was horrible). Clayton will go in for his ONE VIAL of blood…..πŸ˜’ on January 2nd. 

We’ll then go in again coming up on January 9th to see what the results are and where we will go from there. If everyone could remember to add us to your prayer lists, we would greatly appreciate y’all. We need all of them that we can get ❀❀❀ Here’s to hoping we will get our double rainbow baby quickly after the start of this new year!